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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lady Lucie Latex @ Light Spot Studio

I have had such a busy couple of weeks, it's been insane! Shooting every day, taking bookings for my Asian Tour, going to photography exhibitions and keeping up with "model maintenance"- the exercise, dieting, primping and preening while making time to get your eight hours' sleep every night- is really quite tiring when you end up with no free time leftover what-so-ever :) Yesterday I even managed to do TWO funky street fashion shoots in one day, phew!

Today is my first day off in a while; I've already done some aerobics (including kickboxing! Pow! Pow!), washed two layers of yesterday's products out of my hair and done a deep conditioning treatment and answered all my emails; now to blog some new photos before shopping, housework, cleaning makeup brushes and playing with the kittens :) I've taught Dexter to play fetch with me in the living room, using an Alpen Light bar wrapper tied in a knot as a stick!

Anyway, here are some photos from a recent shoot with Neil Cordell at Light Spot Studio, featuring my high-waisted Lady Lucie Latex leggings. All styling by me :)

I just went through the contact sheets from my shoot with Stefano Brunesci; SO hard to narrow it down to even my favourite 15 photos, but I did it! Can't wait till they've been retouched so that I can blog them, although tbh, the only way you can tell that they haven't been airbrushed already is the odd midge bite on my ribcage making an appearance here and there, from the location shoot I did with Dan Hubbert and Madame Bink the day before! I guess that's what really good lighting can do!