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Sunday, 3 July 2011


I am sooo tired today! I've had a couple of late nights with friends recently :) Cancelling my Euro Tour was a real bummer, but on the plus side, I'm able to use this sudden free time to catch up with my friends and all my other little jobs. I literally had a to-do list as long as my arm- I measured it!!

So, I've been hanging out with Liam, Bink (including going to the National Portrait Gallery to see our friend Ivory Flame's portrait, Holly- wheeee! I just cannot get over how cool that is), and my non-modelling friends; working out; and re-decorating the house, including re-painting my bathroom, shopping for pretty little knick-knacks like this cool 1930s radio (which I happen to be listening to Classic FM on as I type), and ordering new furniture and chandeliers for my bedroom :)


It's slightly lame how excited I am about my pretty new 1950s-inspired baby pink and sunshine yellow kitchen. Maybe it's because I love to cook and it's fun to have such a happy, playful environment to do it in. I'll no doubt post a photo of it when it's done!

I had a bit of a 'thing' about wanting to redecorate the whole apartment myself, but now that I'm halfway through the first (and smallest) room, the bathroom, the novelty of painting painting painting all day and destroying my manicure is starting to wear off, so I think I will hire a professional team to do the rest of the house and just swan around in the background in a silk robe with a Bombay Sapphire and Slimline tonic pointing out what needs done, being creative with colour swatches and so on, rather than doing any of the actual boring, nail-breaking work ;p It'll no doubt look better if a pro does it, anyway, and there's no way I'd even attempt hanging wallpaper!

Speaking of work, here are some photos of me doing my favourite kind of "work", modelling, in Ireland last month :)

 Just because I feel like wittering on a bit longer, other things I've been up to include taking Lilith to the vet to get spayed- she's just started purring again today, so I guess she's starting to feel better!...

...Giving Dexter his first bath... he loved it, the little freak!...

... and planning this year's Asian Tour, extended to a whole month after last year's three weeks simply wasn't enough time to cram in all the shoots I was offered, and as well as returning to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, I will also be visiting Bangkok and Tokyo for the first time. I'm so excited! It's not until November, but I'm sure the time will just fly by- it always does!

It's only 7.30 pm, but I think I'm going to go to bed and get some sleep :s