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Saturday, 30 July 2011

NEW HAIR, NEW LOOK! Anita De Redhead!

I have been considering lightening my hair colour for some time, even though I had great fun being a raven-haired "femme fatale" (in my own mind, at least!) for the last five years! I used to change my hair colour every week when I was at university, so to me, five years seems like a very long time to keep the same colour! I eventually tried to follow Audrey Hepburn's wisdom by looking at myself in the mirror completely objectively and I concluded that the time had definitely come to move away from jet blue-black and try something lighter and brighter.

Blonde? Too close to my real hair colour for my liking! White? Impossible, after having coloured my hair black every month for five years! What then? With my naturally fair skin and tendency to freckle in the sun, auburn seemed like the perfect choice, so straight away I called my good friend and trained hairstylist and colour technician Kate at Hair By Gemini Rayne to give me her professional opinion.

A sunny Thursday lunch meeting and strand test unexpectedly turned into her sitting me down with a cup of liquorice tea and tackling my hair on the spot, and naturally making a fantastic job of it, with a range of beautiful tones from fire-orange through to deep copper, despite her insistence that this is "only what can be done now" and "the beginning of a process". Frankly, if this is what she calls "only the beginning", I can't wait to see the final colour that she delivers in a couple of months' time!

Photos from yesterday's shoot with Tarmoo. Lingerie by Lady Lucie Latex, hair and makeup by me!

Note to self: next stop with hair dye: lady garden (I've already done my eyebrows)!

I love the way the new colour complements my creamy complexion and creates separation on dark backgrounds instead of making the top of my head blend into the background like the black hair sometimes did :) I'm keeping all the high quality black wigs I worked so hard to earn though, in case anyone still wants me to model with black hair at any point :) I'm also planning on growing my hair out, to at least collarbone-length, hopefully longer. My current hair icons are Deborah Ann Woll and Karen Gillan :) I think both were models before they became actresses (will have to check) and that Deborah is also a natural blonde with blue eyes :)

Must catch up on my True Blood! Thanks to Ross, I finally got around to watching seasons two and three since he moved in; now I need to catch up on the current series with a glass of red wine, lots of Dairylea Light Blue, grapes, walnuts and organic wholegrain rice cakes, and two bald kittens on my lap  :D

Don't know when on earth I'll find time for that though! After yesterday's shoot with Tarmoo, I was shooting with Madame Bink all day today and from memory am also shooting tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday before passing out on Wednesday and then back in front of the camera on Thursday! Phew!!