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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Live long and prosper!

I get all sorts of shoot requests in my inbox and via my Formspring profile from fans around the world; sometimes I get to say, "actually, I've already done a shoot like that, and the photos are here..." Sometimes I'll say, "cool idea! I'll see if any of my clients are interested in incorporating it into their shoots with me and if they are, I'll post the photos in my blog!" But sometimes I have to say, "I've not shot anything like that and tbh, I doubt that I'll ever get the opportunity to."

I've had to make the latter response to a couple of people who wanted to see me wear a Star Trek uniform. I love Star Trek, especially the original series (Spock was my favourite when I was a kid!), but it just seemed so unlikely that anyone would ever want to shoot anything like that. Until this year's Scottish Tour!

 Photographer and wardrobe stylist: David Porter
Hair and makeup: me
Location: Elgin Studio

The phazer and tricorder were proper working replicas that made all the noises ^^ So much fun!

I'll be doing another studio day next month, this time in Northampton, as quite a few people have asked me to come back there :) Details in my MM travel notice :)

Now, I'm off to take shower, help Liam put all our books onto our new uber-huge bookshelves that we've just finished building and painting in our room, and then make a full Sunday roast dinner with garlicky chicken, baby potatoes roasted in olive oil and sage and onion stuffing *nods*