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Thursday, 2 June 2011


I think I forgot to post this photo >.< I modelled for HOB Salons in March, which is part of the reason for my current short hair- although it has grown out a LOT since these photos were taken!

Here was hair stylist David Spinelli's moodboard for the look:

Proof that I did, at least briefly, have neon orange hair during the dyeing process:

The final shot, by John Rawson:

I'm writing this in St Andrews while drinking tea and getting ready to go to Edinburgh, where I'll be working with the Yerburys for two days, then off to Elgin and then Glasgow. This year's Scottish Tour is going well so far, with every day sold out and a lovely location shoot in a nature reserve yesterday followed by Scottish haddock in an award-winning restaurant for dinner ^^ And the weather is incredibly SUNNY! :D