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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Von Gutenberg magazine editorial

There are two full page photos of me wearing pretty designer latex in issue #4 of Von Gutenberg magazine :) The article is about the wonderful fashion photography of my friend The Beauty of Abyss. Thank you Emma Tiger, for letting me know and sending me some snaps!

 Designer: Joy Williams

Designer: Favor

I think I'm shooting with Thomas again in Switzerland this summer, yay!

I had a lovely time at Graeme Trott's rather wild birthday party last night. Thank you Shaun Hodge for driving me to the train station afterwards! It's great how much I'm seeing my friends recently. Modelling can be quite a lonely sort of life when you're always either off working in some obscure corner of the world or staying at home and getting early nights rather than staying up late and having fun. Hopefully I'll have time to go to the zoo with Hannah Ashlea and Ras on Monday, if I manage to get lots of painting done in the bathroom, first! Must try to find my camera battery charger so I can take lots of pictures of the penguins :D