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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Congratulations Gregory Brown, Erotic Photographer of the Year!

Congratulations are in order to Gregory Brown, who was awarded Photographer of the Year at the Erotic Awards 2011 (it so happens that I modelled for Jane Doe Latex  at the Erotic Awards last year... sadly I was too busy to make it this year). I'm delighted for him, and even more so that one of his photos of me helped to win the award :)

Greg recently sent me some new, unseen photos from the same shoot!

 Male model: John Evans!

The last  few days have been utter madness, even for me! Tons of people viewing our apartment (see last blog!), I'm writing a book, shooting nearly every day, ironing out the details of this year's modelling tours, redecorating my bathroom, and to make things even more hectic, I bought two adorable and mischievous Sphynx kittens last weekend! There simply aren't enough hours in the day for all the work I'm doing right now, hence I'm blog-writing at midnight when I ought to be catching up on my beauty sleep (I'm only seeing my financial advisor tomorrow, but still)! You might have already seen them on my Facebook profile; if not, I will blog some photos of them soon :)

L - R: Lilith and Dexter <3