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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Vintage retail therapy! ^^

I just came home from a delightful coffee meeting/ dress fitting in Soho with one of my most glamorous and best-loved fashion clients, Nikkita Sablier, with not only an arm-full of beautiful corsets for a fashion editorial I'm shooting in Portugal next week, but a beautiful Freyagushi choker and a Bettie Page dress that Marilyn might have worn! I'm so happy with them that I'm wearing both dress and choker as I write!

Photographer: Adam Robertson

Did anyone else see the episode of CSI that had Dita playing a villainous showgirl posing as a teacher? (Should I have said "spoiler alert"?) Anyway, it got shown in the US before it got shown here in the UK and I swear she tweeted something along the lines of "I know my acting was rubbish but my only goal was to bring burlesque to the show, so there." I was therefore expecting it to be a train wreck but I thought she wrestled admirably with a truly dreadful script (just one cliche after another, ew).

Anyway, even though I wasn't keen on the show, it inspired me to re-read Burlesque and the Art of the Teese for the first time in maybe three years and tickled my love of surrounding myself with beautiful objects! Life is just too dull when one's surroundings are purely functional.

In this frame of mind, I acquired these gorgeous little items the other day!

Vintage 1950s highball glasses! Sooo pretty <3

Mother of pearl-handled fish knives and forks from This Vintage Life- I poach and grill a lot of salmon and sea bass and love the idea of eating it with something that also came from the sea :)

I also treated myself to half a dozen new corsets, each with matching knickers...

I can't wait for them to arrive so I can spend an afternoon in my bedroom trying them all on! ^^

Finally, I created a Universal Amazon Wish List as a solution to the "generous fans requesting to send gifts vs. security against stalkers" conundrum. Only people who meet me in real life will be able to gift lingerie, stockings, shoes and things like that, but anyone can now send me a book of pretty photos, a DVD, or even my favourite perfume, anonymously or otherwise! :)