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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ballet Heels in Singapore!

I just received this lovely new nude from my trip to Singapore in November :)

Photographer: Jeff Loo (I can't seem to find his website atm but will update with a link when I've got it!)

I was having a really good "balancing in ballet heels" day that day, lol. I've asked for a colour copy of this image as I seem to remember the background was a really poppin' pink that would look great with the pose and expression... I'll have to see if my memory was correct when Jeff emails it through! :)

In news very much unrelated to a nude photo blog, I have listed some of my shoot clothing on eBay here! There is a corset, a black tutu dress, a brand new PVC dress and several of my skirts. Enjoy! I have to make room in my wardrobe for the new corsets I'm ordering :D <3