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Friday, 25 February 2011

*yawn* Good morning :)

I have some new shots of my shekshee new haircut! More to follow soon :D

Check out the Agent Provocateur pants I bought myself for my birthday! Hee hee

Photographer: Barrie Spence
Hair and makeup: me

Liam took me to see The King's Speech at The Phoenix last night. It was well good! Better than I was expecting, actually. It's nice to see a film about the Royals that doesn't try to make some sort of statement on whether having a monarchy is a good thing or not, either being all misty-eyed and vomit-inducing if it's a mainstream film or self-consciously republican if it's an indie film. The only statement this film made was "being royal would be quite shit," which seems likely, on the face of it. Other than that it was just about a guy getting over a speech impediment and it's worth seeing just for the beautiful sets, costumes and photography :) I'll definitely be getting it on DVD when it comes out :)