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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

new hair!

I love hair modelling! I got the coolest cut and colour today :) The colour's blue-black- heavy on the blue- and I now have a fringe!

I also got some new shampoo and conditioner to try, and some styling products so I can scrape all my hair back in that classic couture way for clients who don't like fringes. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but I love my new hair ^^ Can't wait to show it off in Scotland next week! Hee hee.

I also spotted some awesome boots on sale that I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy with my pay from Nude Night School on 30th August :D

I'll be over 6' in them :D

I'm visualising shooting them with latex leggings and some sort of couture top with really strong, cheekbone-carving makeup and a big Mohawk! There's something I just *love* about a girl with an incredibly long body exaggerated to alien-like proportions with tall shoes and big hair, paired with beautiful clothing and makeup! *faints*