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Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Bridal Boudoir Academy

On 8th June I was at Maunsel House modelling for the Yerburys' workshop again, one of my very favourite jobs :) This one was part of The Boudoir Academy focusing on bridal boudoir, so Ivory Flame and I were modelling lots of pretty white lingerie and corsets :) These workshops always have such a wonderful atmosphere that filters down from Trevor and Faye's auras of quiet, comfortable competence and friendly loveliness, not to mention the fantastic setting, a 13th century manor filled with ancestral portraits, secret staircases, taxidermy, huge open fires and antique weaponry!

Faye did her usual magic on my hair while Trevor started the seminar. Instead of her signature fingerwaves, this time I had the most perfectly styled 1940s curls I've ever seen. Faye's hairstyling literally makes me jump for joy xD

Makeup: check. Hair: in curlers. Wardrobe not there yet, still wearing what I arrived in.

All ready to be a bride for the day! Just need to put my other shoe on.

The grounds were absolutely full of peacocks, guinea fowl and white doves all chasing each other around! Guinea fowl really are just made to be eaten, aren't they? They have big round bodies with a tiny pea-head and little twig legs underneath that seem like they struggle to hold them up. Or maybe these were just particularly fat, stupid ones :p

They're quite cute though!

I'll be modelling for The Boudoir Academy again in Guildford on 18th October, so if you happen to be coming, I'll see you there :)