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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Home, sweet home. Sweet, sweet home.

We just got back from Amsterdam to pick up the keys to our first house!!!

It's taken us two whole years of setbacks and persistence, but we finally have our own home!

Add two cats and this is basically us right now.

It was built in 1850 and we're turning one of the bedrooms into a Victorian Gothic library ^_^ Our bedroom has an enormous fireplace in it, nearly as tall as me! I've always wanted a fireplace in my boudoir, it seems so romantic :) And there's another one in the library. We also have a guest room for when model friends visit, an undercover courtyard, a real-life dungeon, a cellar, a meditation room, and what will become an organic vegetable patch, as well as the usual kitchen/ lounge/ powder rooms. I don't know where to start! Having lived out of one room for that last two years, it just feels incredible.

Yesterday I just ran round the house touching the walls, doing snow angels on the carpets and occasionally crying. Today I am:

  • ripping up carpets to make way for walnut floorboards
  • having exactly the right shade of sage paint blended to match my retro fridge-freezer ^_^ 
  • making a bed! We have a king-size mattress but nothing to put it on... luckily, Boyfy is good with his hands!

Other things I need to do/ get done include painting all the other rooms, hanging flock wallpaper, then getting all our furniture out of storage and moving it in... then unpacking! I'm going to be listening to a lot of audio books over the next few weeks ;) I'm so excited!


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