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Saturday, 29 October 2016


I really should blog about my trip to Amsterdam as it was so much fun... but as well as being kind of blurry on the details, I am really busy renovating this new house of house of mine... so just pictures by Studio VC shot in my suite in Amsterdam for now :)

I'll post the rest in my next blog. I'm also planning on writing a blog with some little tips on buying your first house, as it was a long drawn-out nightmare for us and it would be great to just drop a little list of tips and contact numbers that others could use to get the ball rolling and hopefully not be put off trying to buy at all. It is much harder now than it was for our parents' generation, but still just about possible for some. It would have been handy for me to have had a blog with practical info for UK people all in one place, that's for sure.

Back to the photos- forgot to say I did all the styling myself- I'm just wearing my own clothes and jewellery, with Bareskin Beauty skincare and Mya Minerals makeup :)

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