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Friday, 18 March 2016

Peng Towers :')

After spending over a year trying to purchase my dream house (my dream house was not the bank's dream house!), I got some magical, life-changing, opportunity-opening news this afternoon: I am finally, finally buying my first house!


I'm glad that it took so long and various other places slipped through my fingers, because it forced me to wait long enough to come across the bargain of the Nineteenth Century: a much bigger and better place than I could have hoped for, which is going to open a wealth of artistic opportunities, and make a beautiful home- the kind I've dreamed about since I was a little girl :D

I don't have any photos yet, but it will be redecorated from top to bottom before I'm done anyway, so I'll just describe it for now!

It's a three-storey Victorian house with high ceilings and big windows, perfect for photography, with French doors leading onto the courtyard downstairs, and a rooftop garden. There is enough space to have my own office, library, cinema, and a yoga/ meditation room hidden behind a secret door, as well as the usual lounge, kitchen, dining and powder rooms, and a couple of spare bedrooms for my model friends to stay in when they come and visit! I love making breakfast for guests; organic almond lattes, freshly squeezed juice, and poached eggs from the local rescue hens are my specialities!

I have no idea yet when I will actually be in and unpacked; hopefully by the summer. For now, I'm just making Pinterest boards of decor ideas and adding to my Amazon Wish List with growing excitement :D

New House is going to be re-christened Peng Towers, a nod towards my six years spent living in London while I established my career, and I hope it will be used for all of the following at various points:

  1. photo shoots
  2. making a music video
  3. making a movie
  4. making art films
  5. making fetish movies
  6. having big parties
  7. writing a novel
  8. recording music
  9. having sex in every single room
  10. collecting antiques
  11. practising French
  12. mixing cocktails (I have my eye on an Art Nouveau cocktail cabinet to go with my various vintage glasses...)

It's a short drive to Bristol, Bristol Airport and Glastonbury, closer to my nan, and 2.5 hours from London, so I shall be well-connected with the places I want to be. There is also a castle, caves and countryside!

If you'd like to help me with any of the above points (bar #9, which I can arrange myself), do drop me a line:

I can't wait to see what my cats will make of Peng Towers; Dexter and Lilith love chasing each other up and down stairs, and this place has one huge staircase spanning three floors for them to race on! I know they will also appreciate having top storey windows to survey the outside world from! They love people-watching...

Many thanks to every client who has ever booked me for a modelling job. You are the reason I can do this! I am eternally grateful x

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