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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Golden Age of Hollywood with Andrew McMeekin

Super happy to share these Golden Age of Hollywood shots from my shoot with the multi-talented Andrew McMeekin during my last Norfolk Tour. He did the photography and my hair and the wardrobe styling!

The first one feels perfectly early 1930s to me:

Then I got my flapper on for a more early 20s look (before the hemlines went up in earnest)!:

I had a great Somerset Photographic Tour today, as you might have seen from my FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We were utterly blessed with the weather, it was just spectacular! The photographer, David, said it felt like being on holiday, which was music to my ears as that's exactly how I like my Somerset Photographic Tours to feel- like a fun, indulgent day trip to the country where you also get to take lots of great photos at great locations with a professional model. And hopefully work on your tan :)

If you're a photographer more interested in creating studio images like the ones above, please email today about my bargain Lux Studio Day in Kent on Saturday 23 May- it's £50ph all-inclusive of me and the studio, with bookings of 2-8 hours available, so don't miss out!

Anita x