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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

3 Goals for 2015

1.   More art nude shoots

Here's to an Art Nude 2015!

I've been desperate to focus more on this side of my work for months, and really want to make it happen more in 2015. I think that I am more known for my stylised fetish and retro looks than for shooting natural, dreamy, classic art nudes and figure studies, so this is something I need to address. People tend to only know you for the last photo they saw of you.

Some of my previous art nude work:

Photographer: 25th Century Quaker in New York

Photographer: John Murray in Dublin

Photographer: Dirk Glassly

I'm going to spend more time studying important art nude photographers' work and planning how I can bring something special to my shoots, including finding great locations and props to work with, but also working on myself and my posing. I'll also see if I can find an appropriate course to do on the history of nude art.

2.   Appreciating British and Irish heritage

I want to try and see as many ancient/ mystical sites as possible in the UK and Ireland this year, which I will hopefully be able to tie in with modelling tours, and quite possibly art nude shoots, for the more remote ones! I have to travel more anyway now that I'm not living in London, so I'm going to turn that into a positive and make the most of it :)

3.    My own hobbit hole

I want to buy the cutest dwelling on the planet this year, and live in it!

A cottage would be okay, but I also like the idea of a more alternative way of life, for example on a boat or in a caravan, generating my own energy, growing my own food and living amongst nature rather than in a concrete box. It was fun while it lasted, but now I want something different! :)

*goes to set up a Pinterest board*

What are your goals, hopes, dreams or ambitions for this year? Tell me all about them!