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Friday, 7 November 2014

#FetishFriday flashback to my first shoot with Restrained Elegance and Ariel Anderssen

I found these from my first ever shoot with Restrained Elegance, who I've worked with many times since, as you probably know! Apologies if you already saw me retweet these on Twitter this morning. It was just a fun reminder for me! There is a wonderful core of really nice fetish producers in the UK who I work for regularly- you'll tend to see me popping up repeatedly on a handful of sites. They are run by genuine people who treat models and actors really professionally and make shoot days fun :)

These photos make me smile because I remember it as the first set I shot with Ariel Anderssen. Ariel is a trained actress as well as a model. She is SO lovely and friendly and bubbly in real life that she put me at my ease the second I arrived. The shoot concept was that she was a model who had been booked by me, a sinister photographer, who has the tables turned on her!

It was hilarious because Ariel genuinely scared me for a second when she turned mean for the movie. It was like I had turned my back for one second and there was a totally different and very intimidating person standing there! It really blew my mind and still inspires me to up my game a bit when it comes to the acting-on-video portion of my job. Ideally, I'd like to take a course of Voice & Movement lessons, but it's difficult to commit to a regular class schedule when you know you're going to end up getting booked on the same days as the classes!

Anyway! Here I am being the "GWC" shooting lovely sweet Ariel...

And here Ariel is scaring the living daylights out of me turning the tables by tying up and shooting her photographer!

The actual photographer, Hywel, wrote a really interesting piece on the ethics and politics of shooting fetish material, which is definitely worth a read :)

Today is the last day of the tour! I'm meeting my father for dinner tonight while he's visiting from France, then home to Somerset tomorrow. Can't wait :)

Anita x