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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Behind the scenes at Jerry Ghionis' London workshop. Lots of pics!

I modelled for three days at Jerry Ghionis' wedding/ couple's portraiture workshop in London recently (would have done four days, but I had a music video to shoot!) and was sent these photos from some of the students via the organisers. They are all straight off the camera and unedited. I know that I'm allowed to post them, or I wouldn't have been sent them, but I wasn't sent all the names of the photographers that took each shot, so if you recognise your work, shout out and I'll credit you! There were about 20 photographers shooting us so impossible for me to guess who took what!

 My husband on day 2, Marc Muller

 Dress from Bettie Page @ Nikita Sablier | Styling: me

Photographer: Markus Peuttman 

Photographer: Markus Peuttman 

Photographer: Markus Peuttman 
Sometimes it's hard to keep a straight face when you're pretending to be married to someone you've only just met! :)

I was actually supposed to be trying to make Marc laugh on this one ;)
Photographer: Markus Peuttman

 Day #3, Look #3

Me and my new "boyfriend", Elliot Collins, getting steamy in the phonebox. I'm so fickle with men, huh??

Will you ever look at a phone box the same way again?? I sure won't!

At the end of the workshop, all the models went back to Elliot's place for a little celebration! He lives locally and his penthouse flat is amazing, in fact I should really ask if I can use it for a shoot sometime! It was great to make some new modelly friends and I hope we all stay in contact :)

If anyone would like to book me and one of my "husbands" for a duo shoot, please email and I'll see if I can work out some sort of deal for you :) I know now that we can work together well, and are relaxed around each other, and now I've seen them both modelling in the flesh I can safely recommend them both as really excellent male models. Marc is definitely a natural poser (in the best possible way!) and Elliot is a trained dancer who can do all sorts of freaky flexibility type poses that no ordinary model could dream of doing!

I'll be posting the photos by the man himself once I have picked out which ones I want him to edit for me and share them with you here, so if you're interested in seeing them, please subscribe to my blog- right hand column of this page :)

Anita xxx